Headlight Restoration Kit


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The best Headlight Restoration Kit for the Do-It-Yourselfer or curious professional.

What it does:  Use on weathered yellow or cloudy headlight lenses.  It will correct surface failure by removing corrosion, restoring clarity and providing a factory like finish.

  • This headlight restoration system removes corrosion, restores clarity and provides a factory like finish.
  • The Corrosion Cleaner is an agent used to remove corrosion from lenses prepping the area for application of the Protective Coating .
  • The Protective Coating is a single part protective coating that provides a factory crystal clear finish that is easily wiped on and self levels.
  • No masking, spraying or special curing equipment needed.

Repairs a minimum of 1 car.

Item# 100109
Kit Includes:
(2) Abrasive Pads Pre-saturated with Yellow X
(2) Application Pads Pre-saturated with HL Coat
(1) Large Application Glove
(1) Detailed Headlight Restoration Instructions

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