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Below are a few of our products that always get the WOW response from clients.

Paint & Plastic


Two coating technologies repair paint abrasions and restore faded plastics.

Color Enhancer repairs or minimizes minor damage in clear coat. For use on damage that has not gone through the base coat such as fine scratches, pits, or other small abrasions. Many scratches may be minimized and eliminate the need for buffing away clear coat.




ColorNu repairs unpainted or uncoated textured plastics such as door handles,mirror housings, bumpers and other trim parts. It penetrates and polymerize to fill dry pores caused by weathering. Then a protective coating with UV blockers cures on the surface. Any color plastic that has color and sheen loss can be restored to like new condition.

Odor Removal
& Prevention

Attack the source of odors for complete removal.

Non-masking formula oxidizes the source of odors so they never return. Eliminates the strongest of foul odors such as smoke, pet, mildew and more. No worries about a fragrance being offensive because OdorXout is Hypo-allergenic and fragrance free. Spray direct on fabric, hard surfaces or in AC intakes for direct odor elimination. OdorXout Liquid Liquid and BioXshield also fight future odors as they arise. OdorXout also comes in a convenient tablet, just add water and allow deodorizing gas fill the cabin and do the work for you.

The Right Tools

ProductsCo has the tools to make the job light. Electric and pneumatic applicators atomize the product to quickly cover any area of the car including AC ducts. An average car can be treated in as little as five minutes


Restore clarity and shine to cloudy weathered headlight lenses.

No masking, spraying or buffing required. The system includes 2 main products that make restorations fast and effective.
1. HL Coat, a wipe-on coating technology that repairs and protects weathered headlights.
2. Yellow X, a yellow extracting cleaner that doubles as an adhesion promoter for HL Coat.
Yellow X will make corrosion removal easier. HL Coat wipes on easy and self levels to a perfect finish. Automotive grade UV blockers protect for long lasting protection. Restored headlight not only increase light output but correct directional beam and decrease glare to oncoming drivers. Over 1 million headlights have been restore with this system.







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